Healing with Laughter

About Me:

My name is Christine Hayes and I have worked in behavioral health since 2009.  I first learned about the benefits of laughter to our wellbeing when I was getting my BA in Psychology and doing an internship at The Wellness Community.  I contacted a Certified Laughter Leader to come out and do a laughter group at this cancer support community for patients with cancer and their families.  After the group, I inquired about how to become a Certified Laughter Leader and later attended a 2 day workshop to get my certification. I received my certification through an organization called World Laughter Tour. I have been a Certified Laughter Leader since 2011 and this year was promoted to an Expert Certified Laughter Leader.  I love being a Certified Laughter Leader and teaching others how to laugh more and increase the happiness in their personal lives.  I am currently a Licensed Professional Counselor in Arizona and feel this is a great addition to my counseling services that greatly compliments our integrative healthcare movement.  I am a member of AATH (Applied Association of Therapeutic Humor) and recently attended a conference in which I was able to meet Dr. Lee Berk, a well known researcher who presented the effects of laughter on the brain. I am also on social media as a connection to anyone interested in laughter via Facebook and Twitter. As part of this business, I present to businesses, healthcare workers, and anyone else wanting to attend a laughter group or presentation.

Laughter Presentations/Laughter Groups

For Your Organization

I would love to do a laughter presentation for your business or organization.  This is a great team building activity for your employees to release some stress, while having fun doing laughter exercises and learning about laughter.  This is a 1 hour presentation.

I can also provide laughter therapy groups at your facility for your patients or clients.  These laughter therapy groups help people who struggle with trauma, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, or anger. The therapy group can be a 2 hour solo group or an 8 week 1 1/2 hour group in which clients feel better emotionally, physically, and socially. In the 8 week group, I will also show clients 6 practical ways to increase their own happiness by focusing on 1 principle each week.

Please contact me via email at sunnyshorescounseling@gmail.com or (928) 458-6870 to schedule a laughter presentation or discuss a laughter therapy group.  I look forward to hearing from you regarding this AWESOME opportunity to help others enjoy life again.

Laughter Benefits

Boost ImmunityImproves MoodBuilds social connections
Lowers Stress HormonesEases anxiety and fearStrengthens relationships
Decreases PainRelieves stressAttracts others
Relaxes MusclesIncrease Memory and AlertnessEnhances teamwork
Prevents Heart DiseaseChanges PerspectiveHelps diffuse conflict
Lowers blood pressureReleases negative emotionsBuilds self-confidence
Aids Respiratory/BreathingGamma FrequencyReduces abuse and aggression
Burns caloriesDecreases DepressionPromotes relaxed environment
Increases antibodies in salivaDecreases anger
Protects against ulcers
Reduces symptoms Neuralgia/Rheumatism
Effects every cell in entire body

*****This is a list of laughter benefits that may benefit you. Each person is different in regards to which benefits affect them due to their individual health and makeup.  The research shows that 15-20 minutes of laughter multiple times daily is best to reap the benefits.

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